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Our firm’s goal is to provide you with proactive, responsive, and zealous representation in the areas of family law, elder law, and mediation.

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Are you really too young to have a will?

A young family with two beautiful young children was recently left in a financial and emotional turmoil after both parents died in a car accident when travelling abroad. Both sides of the grandparents lived in Europe. When the grandparents received terrible news they were at a loss of


  • Thank you for your great work in my divorce case. With your help and guidance we were able to reach a swift settlement and better results than I expected.
    Ana B.
  • As a guardian for my mother, I sincerely thank you on my and my mother’s behalf for bringing her seven- year divorce ordeal to an end in less than a year. Your ardent advocacy on behalf of my mother and sensibility to the rights of the disabled helped to ultimately achieve a positive outcome for my mother. We are finally able to move on with our lives.
    Johnny P.-M. & Jeannette S.
  • I appreciate your work and knowledge in bringing my case to a close. Your kindness and sympathy at this time are more deeply appreciated than any word of thanks can ever express.
    Rima S.
  • Kristina made sure my mother was well informed when she prepared my mother’s powers or attorney and a living will before her surgery. Thanks to Kristina we were able to have important conversations and have a peace of mind.
    Daina C.
  • Kristina, thank you so much for seeing me through this difficult process. Your dedication has been appreciated.
    Jeff M.
  • Thank you for everything regarding my divorce. I really do appreciate your assistance in getting this done so quickly.
    Joel R.